The Brain: the Ultimate anti-virus

The Brain: the Ultimate anti-virus

We've heard so much about hacking in the not so new era of digital disinformation. We understand that whoever controls the dissemination of information controls the thoughts of the masses.  It's this new visualization fo cyberspace we have to understand there are three arenas. There is the physical, informational and cognitive. The first two we are used to hearing about hacks into server rooms and databases. Now we are entering a time when propaganda has found a new way to express itself in this new arena called cognitive.

Until there is a way to moderate, identify and ultimately ban those who corrupt news in a malicious way, we will have to use the ultimate anti-virus, our knowledge. It's by looking at facts and using logical deduction can we ferret out the bits of truth that are parsed out to use like food to a starving man.

To read more on this here is a link to LIVE SCIENCE  click here.

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