No Safe Haven

Her family is dead, and her dreams with them.

But that just means she’s got nothing to lose in finding the truth.

Simone Johnson was living her dream—even if it was in secret. She had a family
she adored and a job that challenged her. What else could she want? With a talent
for hacking into forbidden places, she worked for a clandestine group who promised
two things: she’d be paid well, and all of her work would be in the best interest of the
United States. Then tragedy struck and without warning . . .Gone. Everything—everyone,
important to Simone Johnson was . . . gone. Dead. Grasping at clues and refusing to
take the accident that took her family at face value, Simone searches for answers. No
matter how dangerous it may be to dig deeper. She used to work behind the safety of
a computer screen, but to find the answers she needs, she’ll have to apply to a new
program. A program that’s looking for a special kind of agent to deal with the domestic
threats in this new world ruled by technology.

If thrilling clues and fast-paced intrigue are what your heart needs to get pumping
again, then this brainteaser is for you.

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