If You Can Wash Clothes, You Can Code.

If You Can Wash Clothes, You Can Code.

It's true technology is everywhere. Sometimes technology can be scary. However, we all need to adopt technology if we want to manage our lives in the future. One of the scariest topics that is always brought up is coding.  Coding is considered the dividing line between generations.  The current generation looks at coding as a way of life. The older generations look at coding as an insurmountable barrier that only the young can do. This post will be one of many to dispel that myth.

This won't be some Khan academy, ( although they are pretty good). This will be something anyone can learn. So let's talk about the prerequisites.  In order to understand the concepts you will need to know how to do two things: Wash your clothes and go food shopping.  If you how to do these two things, coding concepts will be a breeze for you.

Stay tune for the first post in my coding is for everyone.


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