Choose One to Die

Choose One to Die

Sometimes finding answers just leads to more questions.

“If you can’t protect it then don’t keep it.”

These are the last words of Ms. Caitlin Powers, a friend and agent who has taken her life in an apparent suicide. The only witness is a child living off the land who’s been waiting for Simone. The child has a clue on how to find the voice that taunts her via text with clues on how to find her son.

As Simone continues her search for her son, she discovers her child isn’t the only missing child and finding out where her son is will put her in the path of those who think they are beyond the law. It will also bring her face to face with another side the agency that is willing to do whatever it takes in order to keep their America safe. Including framing her for murder to keep her quiet.

If impossible situations and a wise-gal heroine is your thing, then Simone Johnson is for you.

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