Armory of Lies – Chad Bishop

Armory of Lies

We have the right to be anonymous

A school shooting happens in middle America and a 6-year-old boy is one of the victims. His mother is a part of the NRA and cybersecurity specialist. To her, the death of her son is a call to action.

Wearing all black for the funeral of her best friend's child Simone St John's receives the news that her lover is leaving her and taking their son with him. Desperate and confused she flies home to D.C. to see if she can negotiate a deal, that's what she's best at after all.

On Monday morning it isn't a lawyer waiting for her, it's a federal agent with an offer – find a lead on the rogue gunman hunting down NRA members and they'll help her retrieve her son. As Simone digs the gunman's motives become clear, they are killing members of the NRA who have had questionable pardons in shooting cases. The same people who advocated guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The same people who let her best friend's son die.

One child dead. One child missing. Two mothers are racing the clock to find justice for their children