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A school shooting happens in middle America and a 6-year-old boy is one of the victims.  His mother is a part of the NRA and cybersecurity specialist. To her, the death of her son is a call to action.

The recent onslaught of school shootings has pushed the NRA to take a stand and take control.  Tired of being blamed for every shooter and every incident, they decide to supervise their own. The decision to self- govern is welcome but what punishments should be dealt have caused a fissure in the group.

Simone attends her friends son funeral. Still reeling from the fact her son will be adopted and the child she carries in her womb may face the same fate. When the government shows up and asks for her help she agrees with conditions.

The fissure expands when the distressed mother uses technology to hunt down the guilty parties to her son’s death and then makes a decision no mother should suffer as she has and seeks the vengeance for the mothers who have lost children, seeking to make people accountable through fear.

Two mothers are fighting for their son. For their son’s sake no action is too far and no price too high to pay. Which one will win in this game of cat and mouse between old friends.

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When Isabella Nunez, hacker for hire, announced she was going straight, offers poured out from every development team and government think tank in America. 

When her friend offered her an anonymous position where she would be treated normally and no knew about her past she jumped on the opportunity. 

Then she met Brian Hamilton. They shared company jokes and then started to play in the company’s system. Before long Isabella would find out she wasn’t as anonymous as she thought and Brian’s attention has less to do with her and more to do with becoming a hacker for hire again.

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