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Digital Recon: the act of entering a company to profile the people, their behavior, and their online presence while mapping digital networks.

Hacker: the expert who uses the digital recon results to enter a secure system to develop attack vectors, exploit weaknesses, and gain control of the network

David Pearson is a hacker for hire, but his digital recon team keeps letting him down. When they let him down one time too many David decides to get out of Dorsai, his safe space and into recon. It's supposed to be a simple job, infiltrate the business, smile at the employees, sit at a desk and create backdoors into the network

Everything goes smoothly at first, but then David finds another digital recon team on the network. One wrong move, and the reconner is outed, and shot. The rules have changed, and now David's only goal is getting back to Dorsai alive.

When Isabella Nunez, hacker for hire, announced she was going straight, offers poured out from every development team and government think tank in America. 

When her friend offered her an anonymous position where she would be treated normally and no knew about her past she jumped on the opportunity. 

Then she met Brian Hamilton. They shared company jokes and then started to play in the company’s system. Before long Isabella would find out she wasn’t as anonymous as she thought and Brian’s attention has less to do with her and more to do with becoming a hacker for hire again.

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