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Ruthless businesswoman, gifted programmer...devoted mother. To protect her son there are no rules, just his safety.

Simone Johnson is a gifted programmer, a ruthless businesswoman, and a devoted mother.

When someone steals her code and threatens her son, there's nothing she won't do to keep him safe.

She's blackmailed governments, brokered deals with criminals, but to protect her son from a killer she'll face her biggest challenge yet, asking her ex-husband to help protect the son he never knew he had.

Sometimes the Good Guys Wear Black Hats.

When the talent you are born with is illegal, living topside isn’t an option. Dorsai is home to hackers, digital reconners and pen specialist.


When Isabella Nunez met Brian Hamilton, they shared company jokes and then started to play in the company’s system. Before long Isabella would find out she wasn’t as anonymous as she thought and Brian’s attention has less to do with her and more to do with becoming a hacker for hire again.

Digital Recon

Digital Recon: the act of entering a company to profile the people, their behavior, and their online presence while mapping digital networks.

Everything goes smoothly at first, but then David finds another digital recon team on the network. One wrong move, and the reconner is outed, and shot. The rules have changed, and now David’s only goal is getting back to Dorsai alive.

These are their stories as they walk amongst us.

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